6 Reasons to make that switch to Solid Shampoo!

6 Reasons to make that switch to Solid Shampoo!

Showering has never been so solid - why Solid Shampoo is the next big thing!

Making the switch to a solid shampoo bar can seem daunting, especially when you’re so used to squirting out your normal liquid shampoo each time you hop in the shower. But once you're aware of the perks of such a product - we guarantee the switch will be that much easier and that much worth it. 

Our shampoo bars truly deliver when it comes to shiny, happy, healthy hair. But if you’re still not sold on solid shampoos (or know someone who is), check out our 6 reasons for making the switch today!


1. Soft, creamy, thick lather

Our shampoo bars are nothing short of luxurious - they foam up just as well as a bottled shampooleave your scalp cleansed and hair feeling soft and silky. We've worked hard with our formulation and we're happy to bring it to all of you to experience! 

2. All-Natural Goodness

What's not to love about a natural shampoo that's free of SLS (Sulfates) and Parabens and all those nasty chemicals getting into your hair and skin? Beware of SLS and Parabens as they are found to break down protein which can lead to degeneration of cells. They can also be the key culprit for hair loss and hair thinning. 

We’re proud to say we've worked hard with our formulation and kept it containing only the finest ingredients that will keep your hair healthy and happy.  

3. Kinder on the environment

You can be sure that our bars are kind to the planet 🌏By using our solid shampoo bars, you’re saving over 700ml of water (the amount it takes to manufacture plastic for one standard 350ml plastic bottle) and IN ADDITION the water that would normally make up ~65% of those liquid shampoos. Switch from bottles to our bars and you’re not only ditching the dreaded plastic, but saving water along the way. 

4. They’re long lasting and good for your wallet

Our bars may seem more expensive than other shampoo brands but in reality, they aren’t. Each bar of shampoo lasts for an average of 80 to 100 washes which equates to around RM0.50 per wash! Some of our customers even say that our solid shampoo bars last for 6 months or more! Make sure to keep them dry in between washes and they'll last even longer.

5. Toss out the plastic 

With our aluminum solid shampoo tins that we've sourced, rest assured we've kicked out the plastic from our packaging. Our bars are wrapped with biodegradable paper to keep the oh-so-good scent in, but still remain environmentally friendly! 

You can't go wrong with these introduced into your daily cleaning regimen, so don't wait and try one out today. Retailing at only RM50, experience healthy hair like never before, bundled up with convenience and portability!