AX Rewards


Get rewarded when you spend with Alwis & Xavier! With each purchase you made, we will automatically credit your account with points so you can redeem cash vouchers for the next time you spend.
Upon your sign up, you'll be greeting with a warm welcome and 500 points, allowing you an automatic RM5 voucher to use for your first purchase! 
Here is how it works:
So how do I sign up?
1. Click the 'Profile' icon on the top right of the page
2. At the bottom of the log in page, click 'Create Account'
3. Input details and create your account, and receive an automatic RM5 OFF!
4. Be sure to log in each time you make a purchase, or visit our site to receive points and rewards!
5. From here, you can collect points each time you spend. 
Don't forget to LOG IN each time, so you can collect points.


How do I redeem points?

1. Click the menu icon on the top right of the page.

2. Click on the 'Log In' button and sign in.

3. Once signed in, then click on the bottom gift icon on the page.



4. View current points and vouchers to redeem.

5. Click on the voucher you want to redeem, and the discount will be applied to your order during checkout. Easy as that!