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Improve your scent game with our newest line of natural deodorants. Jam packed with a bunch of natural ingredients, we're sure your underarms will thank you for it!

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Natural Body Washes

The newest addition to our range, solid body washes that are SLES and Parabens free. Its waterless technology means no spills and no leaks!


Don't take our word for it


5 star to the products . The fragrance smells very nice and lasts long enough. The founders also gave really good services.

Cyrus Y.

Hong Kong


As a person who love strong spicy scent of cologne, the Black Canyon does the job perfectly and it lasted me the whole day with just a few dash of it. Perfect for travelling and fit in pocket easily! Definitely will buy again!

Rajiv J

LA, America


Nice smell, nice packaging, the brand name also nice. All so nice, if don’t buy not so nice right.

Jimmy C

KL, Malaysia


Love the Ambrosia scent. And it’s super easy to bring for travels.

Lydia L



+ Long lasting
+ Easy to carry
+ With natural ingredients
+ Impressive smell
+ Affordable

Hanifa M

SJ, Malaysia


The product is easy to apply, easy on the skin and the scent actually lasts! Will definitely be repeat purchaser.

Jamie C

SJ, Malaysia


Fast delivery and dedicated suggestion from the team! Efficient and well-wrapped packaging. The scent for Bulgarian Rose & Cypress are really pleasant and long-lasting. I like the simple yet elegant design as it is convenient for me to carry it for daily usage / trips in a huge bag or a small one. I would say it is one of the local brands that caught my heart! Thanks Alwis & Xavier! <3

Catherine C

PJ, Malaysia


Superb product! My friends can still smell the scent even after I had bath. Alwis & Xavier's solid
cologne definitely better than liquid cologne 👍

Elson V

MEL, Australia


Never used solid perfume but now I am sold! I've been searching for a rose scent that suits me and finally have! Love the Bulgarian Rose - lasts for hours. Also much more reasonably priced compared to others in the market. Highly recommended.

Amaline A



60-70% of harmful ingredients are absorbed into your skin!

As the world moves towards a more health conscious lifestyle and we are more discerning about the foods that we consume, still, many fail to realise how equally important the products we use on ourselves are too. It is not only what we put into us, but what we put on us that we have to also watch out for.

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