How to Apply a Solid Cologne and Perfume

How to Apply a Solid Cologne and Perfume

When designing our Solid Colognes (or Solid Perfumes - whatever you want to call it), we put an emphasis on making every facet of its design a pleasure to use - with its portable, convenient and oh-so-easy to carry around design. Now anyone knows how to use your typical spray bottles (you know those impractical glass bottles that are bulky and break easily ;P). However, as you may not come across colognes and perfumes like this everyday, understandably you might be thinking "How on Earth do you use one of these?!"

Whether you’re new to our solid colognes, or even if you’re an old pro who just wants a little reassurance, here is our comprehensive guide to using solid cologne.


We told you we'd make it easy peasy! This is quite self-explanatory, just put it in any one of your hands, placing your index and middle fingers on the bottom and your thumb on top side.

Step 2: Slide the top cover down to reveal the cologne balm.

With your thumb on the top side, apply light pressure downwards to easily slip open the top tin cover. You should hear a 'click' sound as the cover opens up to reveal the solid cologne. Don't place your thumb in the middle and press down as you may slightly dent the cover.

Step 3: Swipe, or dig for more

Now this step is really dependent on the type of person you are - are you a 'less is more' person, or a 'strong smelling superstar'? If you're the former, you can simply gently swipe across the solid perfume a few times with your index finger. If you'd like to smell stronger and really get heads turning, you can dig with your finger nail and scoop a dollop to apply.

Step 4: Apply to your pulse points

Now that you have our solid cologne on your fingers, all there’s left to do is to apply it. Now the question is, where do you apply it to? Your pulse points of course! If you're still clueless about this then let us help you. Your pulse points are basically the best places to take your pulse - your wrist, inside the elbow, chest and at the side of your neck.  

Why your pulse points? The pulse points are areas on the body where the veins flow close to the skin. These spots emit heat, which helps fragrance diffuse faster.

Step 5: Slip the tin closed

All that’s left there is to do to smelling like a champion. Its that easy! Slip up the top cover and simply slip it into your pocket or bag and you can rest assured that you set for the day.

Whether you need a top up at work, you're done after a hard session at the gym, or you're about the party the night away, make sure you bring one of our portable solid perfumes to apply discreetly ;)

Step 6: Re-up as needed

One of the best things about a pocket-friendly fragrance is that unlike a bottle of spray cologne, you can keep it on you. That means there’s no reason to over-apply because you can easily re-apply whenever you need to. Also, its best kept with you to apply during the hot temperatures in Malaysia, Singapore or SEA so you are guaranteed to be on top of your game.

Check out our list of solid colognes here and start smelling amazingggg everywhere and anywhere!