60-70% of harmful ingredients are absorbed into your skin!

60-70% of harmful ingredients are absorbed into your skin!

As the world moves towards a more health conscious lifestyle and we are more discerning about the foods that we consume, still, many fail to realise how equally important the products we use on ourselves are too. It is not only what we put into us, but what we put on us that we have to also watch out for.

Studies have shown that much of what we put on our skin is indeed absorbed into our bloodstream. Those chemicals that we cannot pronounce are showing up in our blood, with toxic chemicals flowing in our bodies. In fact, one study shows that most children and adults carry inside them nearly 100 substances or chemicals and toxic compounds from household detergents, cosmetics and toiletries. Many of these can cause cancer, hormone disruption and/or damage our immune system over the long term.

Another experiment conducted by Good Morning America shows how chemicals in cosmetics are readily absorbed into our body. When switched to using products with harsh chemicals, the levels of parabens in the human’s body reached dangerously high levels. On the other hand, switching to low chemical products significantly show a decrease in the level of chemicals in the body. 

Nowadays, as more aware consumers, we have to be the ones to do the research and find out for ourselves what we are putting on our skin and what is being absorbed into our bloodstream. The onus is on the consumer to seek out and decipher natural, non-toxic personal products for themselves.

What can you do about this?

Instead of throwing all of your products and starting from scratch (that would not be environmentally friendly) it is recommended to start first with overhauling the products that are used on the skin - and we mean by all of the skin.

One of the most common products that has contact on your skin is body washes and soaps, as that is used to clean the entirety of your skin, and most easily penetrated.

At Alwis & Xavier, we have worked hard to ensure the best ingredients are used in our body wash and scrub. Gone are the days of confusing, hard-to-pronounce ingredients, SLES and Parabens - we have progressed too far to be allow ourselves to be exposed to these harmful chemicals.

We have made it our goal to only used a few simple ingredients to ensure a clean scrub, a great lather and a light but refreshing scent powered by pure essential oils. So start treating your body to what it rightfully deserves, and try one of our portable, spill-free body washes today and see for yourself the goodness if offers your skin!

"The simpler the ingredient list in the products that you use, the better"