Autumn Walk Sand Candle
Autumn Walk Sand Candle

Autumn Walk Sand Candle

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Ooh this sensual warm scent is a keeper! Walk down breezy streets with leaves falling off the trees around you - that's what you'll get with an Autumn Walk.

With notes of apple, orchid and pine, these green and fruity notes will keep you warm and cosy. The perfect scent to elevate the mood!

What is Sandle?

Welcome to our newest brand, Sandle. What is it you may ask? Well, Sandle is a combination 'sand' and 'candle', our latest innovative candles that make lighting up so accessible and impressive using micro wax beads, akin to sand.

Get ready to elevate your sand candle game with zero-waste sand candles. Pour it out with zero effort, with no more spending hours cleaning up after events with the melted wax stuck to their vessels. After the burn, the top layer of solidified wax and wick comes right off, which allows you to achieve a new look for each event!

The world is your oyster when it comes to finding candles in every little thing - from a shell, to a piece of wood, to heck, and old peanut butter jar!

Only your imagination is your limit when it comes to Sandle.


How to Use Sandle?

1. Pour Sandle into any vessel of your choosing.

2. Measure and cut a wick to the depth of the sand candle.

3. Light it up!